New eBooks & Overdrive Listen Audiobooks

We have recently added the following titles to The Ohio Digital Library collection.  Click HERE to place holds and check availability.


Overdrive eBooks

Complete list of eBooks added:

Aura of night
Bayou sweetheart
Book lovers
Bullet that missed
Cape May monarch butterflies
Dark tide
Edge of dusk
Fires of Blackstone
Hanged by a thread
House on Blueberry Lane
Lost and found girl
Meant to be
Mistaken for his Amish bride
Perfect target
Reason to believe
Return of the duke
Should I tell you?
Weddings in Orchard Valley
Wining and dying

Overdrive Listen Audiobooks

Complete list of Overdrive Listen Audiobooks added:

Book Lovers
Clause of Death
Every Summer After
Family of Liars
Making Waves
This Time Tomorrow