The Delphos Public Library welcomes children of all ages. Our children's department is packed with fun and free activities for your family. We hope you'll come to visit us soon!

Story Time:

Story Time is a great way to introduce little ones to the library! While it is fun to share books and sing songs, the most important part of story time is the early literacy skills your child will pick up. As a parent, you will be learning as well! Learn how to ask questions about books, how to use shapes and silly noises to introduce children to pre-writing and letter sounds...and more. We offer several story times so that you can find the perfect fit for your family.


Early Literacy - For infants to 3 years. This story time focuses on getting used to sitting in a group, reading short books with bright pictures and simple text, dancing to songs that work on gross motor skills, and learning how to make reading with a child meaningful.

Preschool- For ages 3-6 years. Preschool story time focuses on reading longer books with key concepts such as shapes as well as moral concepts such as telling the truth and learning to be a good friend. Filled with silly songs, fun dances, hilarious books, and felt board stories...this story time is a ton of fun! 


Early Literacy Play Area and Phonics Corner:

Our early literacy play area was created to be a highlight for young children during their visit to the library. The space contains small tables for children to sit and enjoy fine motor activities, books, storytelling kits, puzzles, coloring pages, and more! There is an entire shelf full of manipulatives for small children to piece together and build. All of these activities are leading children to improve early literacy skills through play. 

In our phonics corner parents or educators can find games to work on sight words and letter sounds, very early readers, the BOB book sets, and more. It is nestled in a cozy corner that is away from the other tables in the children's section and is an ideal place for tutoring.



Library programs are a fun way to meet new friends, learn a new skill, or to geek out about something you love with other kids who love it too! We have crafts, games, snacks, science experiments, and more at our programs which are always free to each patron who attends.