Ellison Machine

Photograph of an Ellison die cut machine on a green background


Ellison Machine Public Use Policy

The Ellison Die Cut Machine is available for public use.

Patrons under the age of 15 must be accompanied by an adult family member.

Patrons must provide their own paper. No paper will be sold to patrons.

Only paper ( construction paper, copy paper, wallpaper, tissue paper and poster board), foam and felt may be used. No other materials may be used.

Anyone found not treating the machine with care will not be allowed future use.  Patrons must follow the instructions in using the machine. No paper will be sold to patrons. No other materials may be used.

The library takes no responsibility for injuries sustained while using the machine.


Ellison Dies

5" Block letters A-Z & Number set 0-9

Ghost   # 1

4"  Ampersand

Heart   #2
Heart, Scalloped LG
Leaf, Maple

Apple Megaphone
Nativity, Baby & Manger
Award  #1 B

Owl   #1

Baby Block   #1   B
Balloon, Hot Air

Pail & Shovel LG
Palette   XL

Barn   XL

Parentheses & Exclamation Point
Pumpkin  #1  A
Pumpkin #2 LG & XL

Basket   #1   XL
Bookmark (XL)

Question mark
Rabbit  #4

Butterfly   #1   XL
Car, small


Car  #2  XL School Bus  # 1 A   XL
Cat  #2

School House  #1   XL
Shell #2
Shields, Lightening & Stars

Child Footprint  XL Snowman   #1
Child Handprint Spiral

Christmas Ornament  #1   
Christmas Tree (XL)
Circle, Rectangle, Square, Triangle


Star, Puffy
Superhero #1
Superhero #2
Crown   #2
Superhero #3
Superhero #4

Dog,  Beagle
Dolphin (XL)

Teddy Bear   #1 C   XL
Tennis Shoe
Tree, XL

Egg, Cracked LG

Tulip LG
Turtle    #1  B
Turkey # 3 LG

Fish  #2  XL
Flower, Layered
Flower 4 Mini

Worm, LG

Football Helment
Footprint (XL)
Frog  #2  XL



Allstar Dies (Require an additional cutting board)

Cross Scarecrow
Fruit Friends: Banana & Pear Veggie Buddies: Broccoli & Carrot
Fruit Friends: Grapes & Orange Veggie Buddies: Celery, Pea & Tomato
Santa Head  

Additional Die Cuts are available through SEO, for in-house use only.  Click HERE to see availability and to place holds.